learn to read through writing

I taught my Kindergarteners to read through writing.  You can do this at home using the moments you have with your children and not have to set time aside.  For example, let’s say you are at the Doctor’s office waiting to be called for your appointment.  Most of us have pulled out some piece of paper and said, “Why don’t you draw me a picture?”  Your child is young and in the scribbling stage and they “draw” something.  You ask what they drew.  You quickly learn not to name whatever it is BEFORE your child has or this may happen:  You say, ”What a beautiful butterfly” and they say, “It’s a picture of you, Mom!”

After your child has told you about their picture you say, “Why don’t you write your name on it?”  Most children will scribble something else.  Perhaps you will need to encourage them which is fine.  Now I know it looks nothing like their name.  That is not the object as yet and can be refined later.  What you are trying to communicate it that anything written can be read by the writer.  That is the concept of print which all children need to begin reading.

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